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KOC(Korea Offshore Company) has took part in a large number of projects and successfully completed in various offshore sectors including FPSO, Drill-rig, Drillship and Platform etc. Since its former company, SAMJIN Offshore, it has come up with outstanding results all covering Commissioning, Modification, Punch Killing, Installation and High-pressure Test etc. in major shipyards in Korea. And it has resulted in the company producing hundreds of owner’s inspectors and qualified engineers in offshore field in Korea, which the company takes pride in being considered as a technical institution in the industry.

With the foundation of its technique and experience, the company extended and diversified its business to Power Plant O&M, Marine Resource Development, Decommissioning and R&D on Riser Tensioner & Salvage in preparation for national emergency disasters etc.

In addition to above, KOC has became the first local company which won the preservation and maintenance main contract directly from major shipyard, and conducts by itself in Korea. And it brings cost saving effect to shipyard and helps local industry technical progress.

Since its reborn as KOC, the company has been creating a corporate culture imposing its values on Challenge and Passion to make a better company day by day for its clients and employees. To this end, the staffs ask themselves every moments and continue their utmost efforts to secure it.

Thank you for visiting KOC, and look forward to long and future-oriented relationship with our clients.

Thanks and best regards, KOC employees.

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